Is Sleep Really For The Weak?

This will most likely be my last post on this blog. I’ve been writing in this blog for just about a year and a half and my reasons for writing here don’t really have much purpose anymore. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be hearing from me. I still intend to let the world know what is transpiring. The world needs to know these things, even if it doesn’t want to believe them.

As I said before Jane and I had a talk about everything that happened that day. She told me the truth about what had transpired. She had run into Kat, two days earlier and learned that she was The Lady of Heart; That she was the help that I would need to survive; And that only she’d be able to survive what would transpire that day.

Although she didn’t know exactly what would happen that day she told me that something strange happened when she spoke to Matt. She said that it felt like she could tell when he was telling the truth and when he was telling a lie. As if the words spoken out of his mouth whispered into her ear whether or not they were real.

And if that wasn’t hard enough to believe, she told me something even more amazing. She was told by Kat that she had been given a very special gift. One that allowed her to manipulate the very emotions of an individual. That was why I couldn’t help but smile when I found her in the hospital, because she wouldn’t let me. Though as powerful a gift as it was, it wasn’t unstoppable and she was lucky to have survived the shots she received and quick witted enough to have him turn the gun on himself. I’m not sure if he’s still alive, but if he is I’ll be sure to make him pay. And I guess that’s really all I have to say about what we talked about.

So as I stated before, this will be my last entry on this blog. Again though I still intend to keep track of what goes on from here, but I’m not sure what this new blog will be called. I’ll be sure to leave a link to it once I begin recording in it.

I’m a man of few words and I don’t really know what to say to end things here, but I’ll leave a message for The Slender Man and “friends”.

I didn’t want to but I’ve joined the game. You forced me to play so I’ll play to win. Every single one of you bastards out there that are coming for me, I hope you’re prepared. I am the White Courier, and my Cipher will be the last message you receive.



Filling in the Blanks - Part 5

When I asked her what all this meant she simply smiled and asked if I was ready for it. I asked her, “If I do this, what happens to Jane?” She only replied by saying that, her chances of events like this taking place again decrease.

Feeling what I felt then, I know I couldn’t bare that ever happening to Jane again so I agreed. She told me to close my eyes and that everything would start to make sense very soon. That was when I felt something warm. It was Kat’s lips kissing mine. It was a sensation that I’d long since forgotten and I was taken back by the surprise. When I opened my eyes she simply said, “Sorry, just wanted to feel that one more time… but you should go and thank the nice lady that was kind enough to save Jane’s life. We call her the Blood Witch, she’ll probably be over by the receptionist on this floor.” I started walking in that direction and Kat called out to me one last time.

“Be careful my White Courier, things will be much more dangerous from now on…” She said, but when I looked back, she was gone.

I headed towards the receptionist and there I found the woman from before. I asked her what her name was and she introduced herself as Cassidy ██████. When I asked her about everything that was going on she seemed just as uninformed as myself, but there was something about her that seemed odd. I decided to shrug it off and after a brief chat and helping her “gather” her things from the front desk we parted ways.

I met up with Jane again and we headed home. We had a talk about everything that happened, but I’ll tell you more about that some other time.



Filling in the Blanks - Part 4

I screamed, screamed as loud as I ever had in my entire life. Doctors rushed in and brought both of them to the emergency room. I fell to my knees and just laid there. All my planning, all my getting ready, none of it seemed to have mattered at this point. For all I knew, Jane was dead and it was my fault. The doctors brought me to a chair and put a blanket over my shoulders, probably to prevent shock, but that really didn’t matter at this point. I was already in shock.

A little while as I sat there, Kat came and sat beside me. She asked me if I was happy. I looked at her and almost wanted to smack her. Happy? How could I have been happy. Jane was dying because of me and all I could do was cry.

That was when she asked me that if things were different and it was her in the emergency room if I would still be crying like I do for Jane. I didn’t know how to respond so I turned away. She simply said, “It’s okay. I understand, and I told you don’t worry about Jane. She’ll be fine.” She tapped me on my shoulder and I looked up to see a very attractive woman in a hospital gown enter into the emergency room along with another man.

A few minutes later Jane exited the emergency room as if nothing had happened. I wanted to go see what had been done, but Kat told me it was best just to enjoy this moment. I wrapped my arms around Jane. I was happy… So very happy to know that she was okay… That was when I turned my head to Kat. I could see the look in her eyes. The one she had when I told her I chose Jane over her. I knew it hurt her to see this so I let Jane go for the moment. I owed Kat that much, at least I felt as I did.

I told Jane that I’d be right back and went to talk to Kat for a moment. We found a quiet place in the hospital and began to talk. I had so many questions for her. How long did she know about all this? Why did she get involved? Why was she calling herself The Fallen Queen? But she told me that there would be time for all of this very soon and said to me, “Congratulations, you’ve completed task #7 survive until help arrives.”

I asked her if this meant that Jane and I wouldn’t be bothered by The Slender Man anymore, but she shook her head. She said that passing the tasks was necessary to see if we might be of some use, but that real freedom was still a possibility. I asked her what she meant by being of some use and she simply said that the board needed to be filled and only exceptional individuals would suffice.

Filling in the Blanks - Part 3

I decided to avoid talking to her, since now really wasn’t the time or the place, but when I walked past her she spoke to me and said, “You really need to listen to what other people tell you to do.”

I stopped. I wasn’t sure how to react so I turned to face her.

Then she said, “Your actions might very well cost her her life.”

I pulled her to the side to ask her what she meant and what the hell she was talking about. That was when she told me something I just couldn’t believe.

She said, “My court shall not be one of fools…”

My eyes went wide. I didn’t know what to even say, but all she did was smile and giggle. She told me that the look on my face was priceless, but that I really shouldn’t worry about Jane because “The Lady of Heart” is much more prepared then you would’ve been.

At that point I didn’t care what else she had to say and ran inside. I saw Jane there standing next to some guy in camo pants and I called out to her. She waved back at me, and I ran towards her without knowing what to say or what to do. It was then that I felt something strange overcome my whole body. I had run in being absolutely terrified, but before I knew it, I couldn’t help but smile and shake the hand of the man standing next to her. He introduced himself as Matt Dowland and that Jane and him had met this morning.

I could feel it in my bones that this guy was definitely #30, but I couldn’t react. It was like my body wouldn’t let me stop smiling, so when Matt stepped away for a moment I did what I could to talk to Jane, but she simply brushed me off and said that she’d take care of it. I wanted to stop her, to just call out to her to not do whatever it was she was planning, but I couldn’t. I just kept smiling while she walked off after Matt.

I sat down in the waiting area, but I wasn’t there long. There was several gunshots fired and I ran to see what had happened.

Jane and Matt were both bleeding… Shotgun wounds… And a shotgun was in Matt’s hands.

Filling in the Blanks - Part 2

Now as for the next day this was what happened. I woke up and turned over to see that my phone was missing and with it not being around my alarm didn’t go off. Then to make matters worse, Jane was nowhere to be found. The only thing I did find was Jane’s phone with a note that said, “I’m sorry. I can’t let you do this. You’re not ready for something like this.” For those of you who follow me on twitter, I had put up a tweet around twenty to one from Jane’s phone because mine was nowhere to be found.

Anyways I got dressed and ran outside to check to see if my car was still there and fortunately it was. Knowing Jane she probably went to The Forks herself to try to meet with #30, but luckily for me she didn’t try taking my car, which made sense since she doesn’t know how to drive. I ended up getting there around 1:15 and started looking for her. She’s a very smart girl, so I know she wouldn’t have gone anywhere secluded. She knows the area just as well as I do, so I checked all the areas that would’ve made sense, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Fortunately I didn’t see any police or ambulances either, but I did find a news crew over by the river. When I asked a passerby what had happened they told me that someone had almost drowned in The Red River, but that a man convinced a bunch of people to help him save them.

I texted my phone to see if Jane would respond and she did. She told me that she was just fine and that she was at St. Boniface hospital. I just about freaked out when I heard that she was at a hospital since the first thing that came to mind was that #30 tried to drown her in the river. She assured me that that wasn’t the case but that it very well could have been if she wasn’t prepared. When I asked her what she meant she didn’t elaborate, but simply told me to get to the hospital.

I headed down there as quickly as I could and after parking I headed to the doors and ran into someone very unexpectedly. It was Kat.

Filling in the Blanks - Part 1

Alright, I’ve had a bit of time to recover after everything that has happened so I guess now is the time to explain exactly what happened. As you all know I was intending on meeting with #30 who had recently crossed the border into Canada.

I had been in contact with him a few days earlier, trying to figure out where he was, and where he was planning on crossing. According to him he had crossed the US-Canada border from New Jersey, to New York, then into Canada in Ontario.

After he crossed into Canada, I told him to head to Manitoba and I’d give him further details on where to go next. A little after 11 o’clock I got another message from #30 that said that he had gotten into Manitoba. I told him to head to Winnipeg and that I’d contact him in the morning.

As I stated in my post on the 4th I didn’t intend to tell Jane about any of this, but for some reason it just didn’t feel right lying to her. So I ended up telling her about my intention to meet with #30. As I expected she thought I was being stupid and that we should just keep playing along with HABIT’s game. She said that so far it was working out fine, so we shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. I told her that waiting around wasn’t going to solve anything and that this supposed “Lady of Heart” that we’re suppose to wait for was taking her sweet time coming.

We got into a fight after this and didn’t say much to each other for a couple hours. Now I know none of you will be aware of this, but I really hate fighting with her. It’s something that I really can’t stand so I decided to help her feel better by telling her my plan. Firstly, I would meet with #30 at The Forks, which is a public place, so it’s unlikely that they’d try something with so many people around. Secondly, it’s likely an unfamiliar place to them. At least that was my safe assumption, but for myself, I’m aware of the area and it’s ins and outs. Thirdly, if anything did happen it’s smack dab near the middle of the city so essential services like police and hospitals are all within super close proximity. She told me it was a good plan, but that if this guy really was Ex-Military then it really wouldn’t matter, but that she’d trust my judgement. So a little after 3 AM I set my alarm on my phone and went to bed, and that was when the unexpected happened.


I have a lot to say, but my brain isn’t working right now.

I have a lot of things to process, but I don’t know where to start.

This whole ordeal is becoming too much.

So many lies.

I shouldn’t have been so careless.

I should’ve waited.

Jane almost died today…

I need a few days to figure out what to do.

I’ll find a way to make them pay…



Meeting with #30

Hello everyone, I’ve received a message from #30 that he’s now across the border and I intend to meet with him. I know that I’m suppose to wait for this supposed “Lady of Heart” before doing anything but I just can’t sit around doing nothing. I’ve decided not to tell Jane because I know that she’ll worry and say I’m doing something stupid, but this is something I have to do. I’m going to meet with him in a public place and hopefully that will provide me with an out if things get a little too suspicious. We’re going to be at this place in the city called “The Forks”. It’s a tourist spot where two rivers meet and it’s usually pretty busy, so I doubt anything should occur.

Here’s hoping everything turns out okay. I’ll let you all know how it turns out tomorrow.



A Message from her “Majesty”

I received a message today. It read as follows:

Do not be so hasty in seeking answers; For fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and I expect far more from one of your position. Be aware for the help that you seek will soon make an appearance. Await the Lady of Heart, for she will act as your sword as no longer do you bare a shield. Go now for the foolish Knight and Sage are coming. My court shall not be one of fools.

-The Fallen Queen.

As far as I can tell it sounds like Jane and I are almost done with the seventh task. I’m still not sure if I can trust this Fallen Queen, but at this point I’ll just have to believe her. There’s just one thing that bothers me. What the hell is with the medieval titles all of sudden? I’ll let you know how this turns out.